House Rules

1. Check in time is 4pm; check out time is by 11am
2. No loud noise after 10pm, including music external to the house
3. Vehicles must remain on pavement or gravel
4. Shoes should be removed when inside the house
5. No illegal substances
6. No smoking indoors or within 10 feet of the house, including under covered areas
7.  Do not tamper with locked doors
8.  Max occupancy is different based on location; unless previously approved
9. Do not rearrange couches or furniture
10. Only use designated firewood for outdoor fire pit; please do not gather wood from
around property
11. No glass outdoors
12. No pets unless previously approved by management
13. Do not feed wildlife and do not pick flowers
14. Supply own sheets if guests use tanning spray or fake bronzer
15. Cleaning or damages beyond normal use may result in additional charges
16. Report any damages within a reasonable timeframe
17. Clean grill after use and turn off propane at tank when grill or heater is not in use
18. Do not pour grease down drain
19. Only toilet paper should be flushed down toilets. Kleenex, flushable wipes, and feminine
hygiene products should be disposed of in trash receptacles
20. Pool is not to be used after sunset and before sunrise. (Location Depending)
21. Hot Tub can be used at anytime (Location Depending)
22. Pool & Hot Tub; No diving, no glass in the area
23. House temperature is set at 72 degrees all year, please leave windows close due to dust
(Location Depending)
24. Gas fireplaces not to be used in the summer

    Check Out Procedures

    1. Dispose of trash, including bathroom/bedroom trash, into designated area
    2. All dirty dishes, including coffee cups from upstairs, should be placed into dishwasher or
    cleaned if no dishwasher is on site.
    3. Leave bedding alone
    4. Leave dirty towels on bathroom floor
    5. Empty any personal items from refrigerator
    6. Lights shut off
    7. Close and lock all windows and doors